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March 21, 2010

Like I said last year, What is wrong with our Corrupt Government???

We really FUCKED up this time with this Health Scam Bill

But nobody cares anymore about this country. Everyone wants their welfare benefits.

March 20, 2009

What is wrong with our Corrupt Government???

We have a truck loan through AIG. They have been very good to us. I do NOT UNDERSTAND WHY the Democrats insist on impugning AIG like this. This 90% top tax rat is totally UNCONSTITUTIONAL!!

Of course when you look at who contributes to the Democrats you have to believe someone is trying to pay them off.

Look at the following examples:

This is not the entire list of thieves who've contributed to the Democrats. (I have left names like George Soros off.) When will America wake up from being hoodwinked by these thieves???

March 2, 2009

Rest in Peace Tidbit

Tidbit outsideTidbit inside
Tidbit - September 7, 1995 to March 2, 2009

January 5, 2009

Global Warming (is) for Dummies

Unbelievable as it is the Global Warming™ Alarmists are putting out a Dummies book. This book is being 'fact-checked' by High Priests of scientists from the Church of UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change®. If you read the article, please notice how they even admit that they call it "Climate Change®" in Canada because it's too cold to call it "Global Warming™".

Here are questions you will never see in the book:

Q - How many CFCs offset your Chevy Volt?
A - 1600

Q - When was the last time global temperatures actually rose?
A - 10 years ago

Q - When was the last time it snowed in Paris?
A - Today (January 5)

Q - When was the fastest rate of increase of sea ice accumulation in the Arctic (either upwards or downwards).
A - September - December 2008 (upwards)

Q - The amount of sea ice at the end of 2008 was equal to what year?
A - 1979

For more information, read the Daily Tech article: Sea Ice Ends Year at Same Level as 1979

February 6, 2008

Has it really been that long?

I was looking @ my site and I realize that it has been several months (again) since I last updated.

Well, Claudia & Tidbit made it out here and they are doing fine.  In fact, things have been really smooth for the last 2 months.  Claudia didn't have to work for Pizza Hut afterall, she got an accounting job in downtown KC before Christmas.  There are a lot of interesting happenings that seem to mark us coming together, including finding a cat who looks similar to Kibbles and getting the sign spinning contract.  It is just uncanny the way some things have gotten back to the way it was.

Today marks 24 years since I joined the Navy.  It also means I have about a year left before I am retirement eligible @ my current job (give or take a few months).  I can still remember the Iowa snow storm that I left, which is ironic because Today (2008) there was over 7 inches of snow, here in Missouri.

And of course yesterday was Super Tuesday.  In another example of how I've changed, I liked John McCain back in 1999, but voted against him yesterday. While I admire his military service, I don't understand his positions on Global Warming™, Immigration and taxes.  I don't know who I will vote for if he becomes the nominee.  He will have to have a good running mate.

October 21, 2007

The SpinMaster is back

I worked my second weekend Sign Spinning for a development in Northern Kansas City yesterday. They only want me for three hours, but they agreed to a really good salary. I had at least three people point their cam phones at me (along with others flipping me off & yelling "Get a job!"). If they only knew how much I was getting an hour… (It's more than you think.)The good news is that they also want my wife when she gets here in November. And this may be an opportunity to really build a business here, including hiring other workers. I see an opportunity to bring back Mike Rowe from Dirty Jobs as he did a show about me before he became famous. Mike even mentioned me by name and my SpinMaster.Net website

I bought the domain for when I start building my business up. For now it points to my site. Though I am certainly not done updating this website.

I am so glad to have moved to a metropolitan area with a mayor as brave and stubborn as Mark Funkhouser. He stands head and shoulders above the likes of San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom. Please don't bow to La Raza.

USS Kansas City & USS Missouri in 1987.

San Francisco as I have said so many times is just atrociously anti-military. Just recently they denied the Marine Corps from making a commercial @ the Golden Gate Bridge. Like I've said before, they don't even deserve the USS Iowa.

It's just too bad though; that the first of the Iowa Class Battleships is the only one that still sits in mothball. When I was in the Navy I had a chance to see 3 out the 4 battleships close up (not the Wisconsin). The ships on the right are my ship the USS Kansas City unrepping with the USS Missouri near the Persian Gulf. I was on the Kansas City when this picture was taken. It's hard to believe this photo is now 20 years old.

Here are MSN Live Map images of all the battleships (Note to all those unfamiliar. All these ships are now museums - except the Iowa):

Oh, I should add a link the USS Ranger (two of my best friends were on it).

This is going to be my last post as a geographical bachelor. My wife is finally coming here next month (she insists on coming out now). She really made some mistakes back in California after I left (not that I haven't made any). I believe now she realizes the mistakes she's made, and as long as we both go forward at this point, I believe we have a salvageable marriage.

September 30, 2007

Ruth Buzzi Ginsburg?

Ruth B. GinsburgRuth Buzzi

I got into an online conversation today and was asked (jokingly, I think) if Ruth Ginsburg was actually Ruth Buzzi. Looking at the pictures, I dunno...

It looks the War on Christmas has begun. And its not even Columbus Day. A handful of muslim students, probably aided by Liberal Socialist (& probably atheist) "do gooders" who are trying to eliminate Christmas from a school in Illinois. If I had any kids there, I would yank them out first thing in the morning. This really irks me off to no good!

Can you believe I did 2 posts in one month. I haven't done this since I left California. I have been working on my site quite a bit as well. My Mysql server is working and I am trying to come up with a couple of ways to use it (here is a sample, though not exiting, for now). I do have more plans in the works.

Claudia won't be here for another month. She is working out some personal matters for now. She says she wants to be here and I believe her. I expect to arrive back here with her in early November.

September 16, 2007

Still here

I've gotten a few issues worked out on my website and will be changing parts of it accordingly. I have decided to break away from my FrontPage addiction and work with another editor. The one I have chosen for now is called the CoffeeCup HTML editor. There are reasons why I am breaking away from Microsoft. One of them is their abandonment of VBA.. I have worked with VBA for probably a decade now and I just now learn that Office 2007's scripting program is not VBA but something called VSTA.

My personal life has also changed directions. An incident that happened to someone important in my life has made me look at my own life. Next week it will be 100 days since I last played craps. Though things have changed for me since arriving in Missouri, I still had to beg someone for money once in 2006.

Currently I have some more big changes coming up in October. My wife has decided she is willing to try it out with me in Missouri (there are reasons for this). I have stopped seeing my girlfriend for now and am ready for her to come out here if she too has changed. That is the big issue. We both have changed while we were apart. If she comes out here, we both have to accept what has happened in our lives and make a commitment to get rid of the things that separated us.

Obviously there is more to come.

July 5, 2007

Changes Coming Soon

I will be updating various changes to the website (after I come back from New Jersey & also after coming back from Arizona later this month. I bought the platinum hosting package so that I could play with mysql. One thing I would like to add is something like a subscribe button for blog entries.

As far as my personal life, I recently came back from a wedding of another Navy friend of mine in late May.   I am still in MO, & working @ Leavenworth. I am even still working Pizza Hut (though not much). I MAY have some big personal news coming soon. (I hate being cryptic, but I can't share everything on the web, you know).

Here is an article by Jack Cashill which brilliantly ties why I left the Bay Area and why Global Warming™ is a such a total farce.

April 23, 2007

One more hurdle cleared

I just came back from a week long vacation. It was my first REAL vacation since Mark came to CA 2 years ago. I was up visiting my friend in WI, my girlfriend and my family. My Dad and my friend share the same birthday, tax day.

My Dad is still being himself, but we had a good conversation and I am at peace with our relationship for now. I still feel bad for my sister who has to deal with him the most though. We all love each other, but my Dad can be a pain with his health complaints.

Speaking of the IRS, Claudia & I did what ever we could to get by last year (all legal of course, but it had tax consequences). Because she was living in the house she was holding on to, she filed with itemized exemptions. An IRS rule said that I had to, too. This (& other reasons) all added to be a pretty big bill for me (not to mention I owed CA & KS too). All I got back was a $3 MO refund. This hurdle is now cleared. And there is really only one hurdle left, when (or possibly if) we separate for good.

I knew that with my income I could weather this storm (give or take a few personal detours) as long as I stayed straight and narrow. It looks like I am going to make it now (with a lot of help from the Dave Ramsey show). This guy’s talk on how to “act your wage” has inspired me quit a bit. I now listen to him over Rush Limbaugh.

I now can focus my attention on things like my job(s), and even updating my website. I will be switching to an SQL DB, loading my blog in a few months.

Although things aren’t perfect in my life, and especially after hitting a few low spots, things are finally starting to look up for me right now.

February 26, 2007

Moving along, slowly, painfully

Slowly, painfully, I feel I am moving in the right direction.  I am slowly leaving my Pizza Hut job for now.  I have many reasons why I stopped working so much. Much of it lies because of my accumulation of tickets (from the accident last July, which I should have fought, and because of speeding). But yet there are many reasons why I can’t quit (I have learned not to entirely close out all my options, just incase I need to stand on my feet).

I have finally met someone online who lives in Des Moines, who shares a few interests with me. I have already met her and we hit it off right away (this could be another reason I want my weekends back).  I am so glad that we hit it off so well.  She really has improved my mood and my outlook on life. I do have to move slowly though because I have not started divorce proceedings with my wife yet (though we both know it will eventually happen now).

I also realize that working the two jobs has created a lot of unnecessary stress, which may be affecting my primary job.  Now that it has been two months since the house has sold, I have expensed it, and I can survive now with just the Army income.  Sure it will be painful at first, but I need to bring down my stress levels (& get my weekends back). I can say this, Life in Missouri is a lot slower paced, and someone who has lived a high stress life in California may need a period of adjustment to get used to it.

However, just a few weeks ago my Dad was in the Hospital and I really couldn’t get the time off (saw him last weekend). I also have a cousin that has invited me over to the East Coast for a long weekend one day.  I plan on taking advantage of his generosity.

January 14, 2007

A new start – Again!

Well, the house finally sold (for 60,000 less than what we originally asked for). The really ironic thing is that I had to make the same trip to Missouri that I did a year earlier, though this time in a Budget Rental Truck.

Stuck on I-40 in NM.

It was a scary ride too. I had heavy winds in California only to be stuck on I-40 east of Albuquerque overnight. I had managed to pack everything (and then some) that was mine after helping Claudia move her stuff into storage back in California.

I managed to get my brother out here to help because he just happened to have the two days off when I got back to Missouri. We later visited the Regina Coelli retreat that his Church has out here.

It just seems so odd that I am starting all over again exactly a year later from when I first moved here. It is pretty much certain that Claudia won’t come out here (though she only moved into her sister’s house, not an apt.). And this January is a lot colder than last year. For now I will keep doing things the same (until I get some bills paid off). My situation out here is financially pretty good despite the lack of money I got from the house, though it is far lonelier for me right now.

November 4, 2006

The big update(?)

Here I am listening to the idiots @ MSNBC It is obvious that Tim Russert and Co. are partisan hacks. They also don’t get it. I am thankful for coming to Missouri and being able to vote for a Republican like Jim Talent. His opponent seems to be as corrupt as Nancy Pelosi back in the Bay Area. I am certain of his win.

I have been living here for 10 months now, and it has been some of the toughest 10 months of my life. I have realized much, including the fact that what your house is “worth” is not necessarily what it will sell for. It has still not been sold after being on the market for more than 6 months.

Everything else about the move has been great. My commute is only 20 min. Costs are WAY, WAY down (gas is only $1.97 here today). Had we had an offer that finally closed, we would be living in a much bigger brand new house with a three car garage.

But because of the house, I have had to work part time over @ Pizza Hut here in Platte City. Claudia is still in CA right now. Our overpricing the house (and failure to clean up properly (i.e. the dog)) has definitely hurt us in many ways including our marriage.

I am doubtful that the house will sell this year right now.  I think we can make it into 2007, but once the house is sold we have to make a decision all over again.

I stand firmly behind my move back to the Midwest. I was a slave to a 2 hour commute (each way). There are few Federal Jobs in the Bay Area, since the Navy left 10 years ago. With only 2+ years left until I am eligible for an immediate retirement, and with the promotion to a GS-11, I had to go. And it was about time I spent time with my own Dad, since my wife’s Parents have died 2 years ago. There is nothing left in California for me to live for anymore.

I probably won’t post again until I get some answers, and I hope they happen soon. But no matter what happens, it will be an improvement over this limbo I have lived for in the last 10 months.. 

May 1, 2006

Greetings from Missouri!

I have been working with the Army for over 4 months now!  I have had many chances to update my posts but have been too "busy" until recently.  Pretty much everything went without a hitch for the first two months.   However things have been dragging lately.  My house is still for sale right now (here is a link). Claudia still hasn't left yet.  We plan on leaving together once the house is sold.  Right now I am just living with the cat (Momma).  Claudia has the dogs.

Overall I still believe the good outweighs the bad.  Yes the casinos are too close (and yes I did go), but my commute is soo much better!  Housing & gas are much more affordable.  The price of gas is only $2.67 a gallon vs over $3 in California.  I have driven back home to Iowa three times already (and also flown back to California 3 times, My next trip will earn me a free flight).  We are considering a new home here, and we hope to have Claudia here by July. 

January 2, 2006

My last post as a resident from California!

I am leaving tomorrow morning for Missouri.  While I am exited about leaving, I know I will miss some aspects of California.  I will miss Claudia dearly while we are apart.  Though I have so many ideas of what will come (and they are all good), it will be a tough couple of months.

December 7, 2005

Got the Job in Kansas City!

This is an Army job with the same pay and benefits.  I will be moving in January.  This is the biggest thing that has happened to us in a decade.  I can finally catch up with my life (a much shorter commute, better cost of living and closer to my own family).  Claudia is OK with this so far, though she will lose her job that just became permanent.  Though there will be some sadness leaving a place I have known for 20 years, this is a move up with a chance for promotions.

More later.

November 11, 2005

Waiting for the results of another job.  This one matches my current job to a "T".  I hope to know by next week.  If I get this job I will leave California by the beginning of next year.  I had a phone interview and had to complete a simple a simple website as a test.  I had a couple of hours to complete it with notepad.  I think I did OK, though I realize now how much I rely on FrontPage as a crutch.  Since completing the test I have been doing a lot of text editing, especially with ASP pages.  I am doing things that I see no else even attempting where I work.

It really is about time I go, for several reasons. California has voted down all of Arnold Schwarzenegger's propositions.  If you look at the maps, its the liberal areas like the Bay Area that made the difference.  And while the Sacramento Council voted against the troops, San Francisco voted for a total handgun restriction. About the only voters that weren't totally whack were the ones in Antioch and Pittsburg who didn't listen to the envirowhackos wanting them to vote against the American dream of owning your own home.

I have personal reasons to leave of course and most of them have been explained below including traffic, family and a better cost of living elsewhere.  Though Claudia did finally get a permanent offer from Long's Drug's. So, if by chance I don't get it, we should be OK.

Today is of course Veterans' Day. Which means that our anniversary is again approaching.  We will be leaving for Reno with some other family members.  I just have to remember to not go hog wild at the tables.  My luck has turned back to the good lately.  I want to keep it that way.

October 21, 2005

Me after my Singapore Sling

I haven't posted too much about my Navy days.  My career definitely wasn't the most stellar. I see Coasties now getting E-6 in almost 4 years now.  I didn't rise so fast.  Besides, my entire Navy history no longer exists from my Bootcamp in San Diego to the two ships I was on in the Bay area. Both the USS Mars (AFS-1) and USS Kansas City (AOR-3) have been mothballed.  In fact, I did some time in the Philippines after I got a Singapore Sling (see photo) and even that base is closed.  Even my reserve center has been closed.

Every Army and Navy base in the San Francisco Bay area is gone. The only military left is the Coast Guard.  I drove by the old Naval Supply Center in Oakland to spend time @ the park.  It is now a wildlife sanctuary in the middle of a huge cargo shipyard.  Most of the buildings are now history.  It is similar over at Treasure Island as well as the former NAS Alameda and Mare Island Naval Shipyards.  Its really quite sad.

I don't blame the Navy though.  San Francisco has just gotten so anti-war that they have given up on getting the USS Iowa now.  The Iowa is sitting in Mothball over in Suisun Bay, by Benicia.  I got a visit from an old shipmate of mine (then MS3) Jim McEathron off of the USS Mars and we visited the Mothball Fleet where the Iowa is still located.  There is talk of moving it to Stockton.  I would rather see it in Dubuque.

September 26, 2005

Claudia & I in Oregon.

Others have asked why I don't post Claudia's photo in many places (I have a number of shots of her working the sign posted).  I guess its because I haven't taken as many in the last few years.  The photo on the right is us in Klamath Falls Oregon at a Black Bear Restaurant.  Claudia's sister lives there.

I have been very busy of late.  Mostly to do with traveling Coast to Coast.  I made a trip back from Virginia where I landed in all 4 time zones,  I went from Virginia to Chicago to Denver to Oakland.  It was 3 hours faster than laying over in Dulles.

Next week I am finally going to see Journey in concert.  I have seen most of my favorites such as Bryan Adams, Billy Joel, Loverboy, Van Halen (with David Lee Roth of course) and of all bands Duran Duran.  Journey won't be the same without Steve Perry though.  Steve did a cut on David Pack's new album "The Secret of Movin' on".  I like the album a lot.  David Pack is the lead singer from Ambrosia (another band I missed out on).

The funny thing is that David Pack is with the same promoter that LaToya London is on.  LaToya was even in Antioch this weekend with her step dad.  I was in Manteca for my Brother In-law's birthday.

I still haven't caught any job offers yet.  I have applied and applied to no avail.  Oh well, Highway 4 will be done someday.  We got $36 million for it to be built through Antioch.  Here is a map of 4 though Oakley. And here is a map of the Laurel Road extension.


August 10, 2005

Mark & I at the game. Mark is on the right.

Well another couple of months have passed again without posting.  My life really doesn't change much anymore.  I did, however, turn 40, along with my brother coming out here for the first time in 15 years (which explains my craziness for the last few months).

Here is a photo of Mark and I last month.  Notice my new glasses. He did arrive and we had fun at the A's, the Winchester Mystery House, & @ Hooters in Dublin among other places.  Mark even worked Claudia's spot in Santa Clara on July 4 weekend. Mark is 2 years younger than I, but I have my Dad's hair and he does not.

I learned about Hooters through a friend of mine (Troy Gracie).

It is amazing how fast the value of our house went up. We decided to refinance the house again to realign our household budget.  If I leave California, it will be either with a Federal job or after I retire. It is now 4 years since I landed my current job.  I am in a good position to get a certain job in Kansas City that I applied for a few weeks ago.

My next trip is to San Diego for a Coast Guard conference.  It should be fun. I haven't been there in a decade.

Other than that, I am working my weekend gig.  I got an offer to help out someone on the East Coast start his own Human Directional business, but I realize that I have been working a little to hard lately.  While our finances are good and my career is good, my commute eats away at me.  At least they finally approved $36 million for Highway 4.  The Pittsburg section should be done any week now.  When that is done, it should save me 10 minutes each way.

June 26, 2005

This month and this week seem to have finally turned around.  My Compaq Presario broke down after trying to upload photos from my venture into Santa Rosa last weekend.  After talking to HP and hiring someone to look at my PC, we come to the conclusion that it's hosed (and for no apparent reason).  It broke into this endless series of beeps and will NOT even start.  The guy I hired says the motherboard may be fried, but there is absolutely no solid evidence.

I did manage to buy this really neet tool called a NextStar 2 which acts as an external hard drive powering up my old 80 Gb drive.  It's really cool. I have a new back up drive now, and virtually no lost data (except data that I locked anybody out of).  Right now I am working off of my laptop.

I am back to spinning again.  We did two weeks in Santa Rosa and a week in Mountain House.  This coming weekend is the big Mancini's weekend where my brother will debut.  He will be here late tommorrow.

May 23, 2005

Just when my life was getting back on track, another setback.  I fell and hit my head again this weekend.  It wasn't too bad (compared to last time though).  I got a concussion on the back of my head that looks like something from Looney-Tunes ("One lump or two?").  I am stopping my SpinMaster business and am off for 2 weeks.  Obviously I am going to think about things as well.

Like my new look on the blog?  I am using CSS now.  I have two new places where I get information from.  They are the W3Schools and EchoEcho.  There will be more changes in the future.

May 20, 2005

Another month has flown by.  I am going to see the Star Wars movie with a friend of mine from the Coast Guard.  We are both on the same SciFi mindset.  The new Battlestar Galactica does not deserve the same name and Enterprise should have continued.  He liked it better than me.  I hear good words about Star Wars.

This website is supposed to give you and idea of my life as through my eyes.  Sometimes I want to post more but can't for any number of reasons.  One theme occurring in my life is that it is time to move on. I have Our house has tripled in value. My wife's parents are gone and I only have my dad back in Iowa. There are also other issues. This may mean some hard choices, but to be happy, I feel I must move on.  I don't know if it will happen next month or in ten years, but it will happen.

My business has been slow this year because I have not put into getting more clients yet.  I am still working with Mancini's on Memorial Day weekend.  I am also looking forward to my brother coming out in June. I will end at that for now.

April 24, 2005

I am getting over the fact that Terri died. I never knew her but I will never forget her.  This is one case where even a living will would not have helped. Imagine having a living will that says you want to die (never mind the fact that you have been misdiagnosed).  You're spouse gets a lot of money (ins, inheritance, whatever) when you die. What a perfect way to collect and not get the blame for your death. Okay, so I am not completely over this.

I have grown to realize (even more so) that life here in California is not that great.  Luckily with our real estate the way it is, we can start over any time we please.  My retirement system won't allow me to retire for at least another 16 years (whether I continue or not).  If we were to move now, the slate would be wiped clean.  I don't know when this will happen, but it will happen some day (most likely after my brother visits in June).

March 31, 2005

Well, it looks like the murderers won this case (Michael Schiavo, George Felos, & Judge Greer).  If ANYONE has followed the case and still believes Michael, they should help him, OJ & Scott Peterson find the real killers.

There are way too many questions that have not been asked and there are far to many idiots who believe the media.  Terri was not PVS!  Michael faught the Schindlers all the way, having them strip searched before seeing her, no cameras, not allowing them even to attempt to feed her, etc.

March 23, 2005


I found this scribble of an article entitled Lana Jacobs would do better to bring bottle of water home.

Lana Jacobs is a hero in her attempt to save Terri's life. She took the time to go from Missouri to Florida to do her part to save Terri.

I found this article online during a search for Terri Schiavo. His misstatements in this article are egregious, specifically to the statement in which Terri Schiavo cannot drink water. There are a number of medical professionals that have submitted testimony that they have fed her ice water and orange juice. In fact, these professionals have stated that Michael Schiavo has wanted her dead.

I am married to my wife of 15 years, I strongly believe till death do us part. I would never hasten the process, especially without consulting the rest of my wife's family. Neither one of us are active Christians (though we are witnessing an act as almost as appalling as the Crucifixion of Christ). This act of the courts is hanging just above the same playing fields as the killings of the freedom fighters in Beijing, the killing of innocents by Pol Pot, Castro and Hitler.

Terry has been sentenced to death without the right of appeal that a killer would have. Michael Schiavo has proven in his actions that he is to biased to represent her. The judges in this case have not only authorized the pulling of her plug but are denying any ATTEMPT at giving her hydration. This treatment would be illegal had it been a dog in Florida. 

I have a brain injury from 1999. Does Mr. Messenger believe that my life is not worth living??? When is the Court going to order other innocent people to starve to death?? It won't be long now. Where is my right to live??? Who has the RIGHT to act as God???

The constitution states that everyone has a right for the pursuit of life, liberty and happiness. I cannot say guarantee anymore because leftist judges are dismantling this once proud Country one amendment at a time. It is time to start over when the rule of law trumps a persons right to live.

March 14, 2005

Family is doing fine.  Claudia did get the job with Longs.  I am really starting to get back into the programming mode at work.  I have come up with some really neat vbscript routines.  I had a follow-up surgery on my legs this month (for circulatory problems).

Politically it is a bad week this week.  I cannot believe that a judge would condemn Terri Schiavo to death in such a way, while killers like Lee Malvo are getting away with murder.  In the case of another whacked out judge,  "gay marriage" may be coming back to California.  If judges want to protect themselves they had better start paying attention to the people!  They are not above the law.

My Dad's views (see Waterloo Courier) on Catholic Priests are being criticized by idiots who believe the money grubbing liars are the heroes.  The persecution of Catholic Priests is by the same people who are attacking marriage and probably Terri Schiavo too.  Granted I am not a practicing Catholic anymore (I cannot come back to the Church because their views have become much to soft).

I am out of state again later this month, but will be spinning again soon.  My brother Mark will be coming back to California for the first time in 15 years this summer.  That's it for now.

January 30, 2005

Okay, it’s been a while again since I posted. Claudia is still unemployed but has a good chance as an accountant at Long’s Drugs (and in Antioch too).

I am officially a Republican finally. I just got my new registration card this weekend. I got sick and tired of how Barbara Boxer is trying to cater to the extreme left (her condemning of Condoleeza Rice just put her over the top). I also admire how Arnold is running the Governorship in California.

We have had a few disappointments. I was hoping for my Dad to make a last minute stop here for Christmas. He couldn’t make it. Claudia most likely won’t be able to make it to Iowa for a few years once she has her new job set up. I have plenty of time to make it on my own. For Christmas we went up to Oregon for a few days and returned Christmas Eve. Claudia did her Christmas breakfast tradition for a few of her sisters. Not all of them made it.

I have switched from a Linux to an IIS server to run ASP on this site. I have downloaded the ASP tool from and will be doing a few changes as time goes by.

Coming up, I will be working Mancini’s on President’s Day Weekend. I am hoping my brother will be coming over for a weekend this Spring.

That’s it for now. I will post more later.

November 30, 2004

What a difference a few weeks makes...

My wife just got layed off from URS.  I hear about how "It's all Bush's fault."  Let me tell you that its not George Bush that owns a stake at URS (a major military contractor) but Dianne Feinstein's husband Richard Blum.  But you never hear how companies owned by democrats are outsourcing.  Claudia had worked there for over three years.  If anyone is looking for an accountant, here is her resume.

I have a few announcements that are still in the works right now.  I found a name for a new website that I like and will be buying it real soon. I will also be making some major changes to the websites I already own.  Because of Claudia's layoff, we worked the SpinMaster business a couple more times.  I should be back in San Jose on New Years Weekend.

November 6, 2004

Just one more SpinMaster job to go this year.  I have done fairly well getting my name out there while concentrating on my main income with the Coast Guard.  However with the advent of my TV appearance I have gotten requests for speaking engagements and other things.  In addition my personal life has gotten very busy.  Not to mention the fact that we pajama people have won the Presidency.

I have also gotten work as a webmaster for a bed and breakfast.  And on top of that I am currently considering building a conservative website to get out the vote (for 2006 & 8).  If everything happens the way I want it to I will have to leave the Federal Service for a while. More details will follow.

We am celebrating our 15 anniversary in Las Vegas this month (again).  This will be different from last year when my father-inlaw died (in Vegas).

I will update more when things develop.

October 7, 2004

Once more, my video has shown up on Evening Magazine.  I am getting more and more recognition for my work.  My wife does this as well and I got some video of her and will set it to music shortly.

I just came back from the East Coast, visiting with my mom's family.  This has been a stupendous year for me, tying all kinds of loose ends together.  I have got a few ideas on how to make next year great, but for now I plan on relaxing through the winter.  I will take less contracts on until the new year.

I just hope that we have the same President when the new year comes.

September 11, 2004

Patriot's Day (Not the football type).  Like a lot of people I was listening in on the Bush memo flap.  I looked up the document @:

Then I typed up a version in MS Word (2000) (Fake_Bush_Memo.doc).

It comes out EXACTLY like this supposed memo in 1972 (and it is SO EASY to do it)!

What are the chances?  This document is a FAKE!

September 3, 2004

I have been very busy this month.

Just when I returned from Boston for the Coast Guard I watch Channel 31 in Sacramento and I see my Channel 5 video on me!  No sh*t!  I just happen to be working there tomorrow, too.

I will post more next week.

August 2, 2004

I had a little setback this weekend.  My pickup truck got run over by a semi.  It wasn't bad though, just some front end damage.  The truck still drives rather well, considering.

I have had to turn down a few shows this month to get reorganized with my personal life because of this and other factors.  I have a project with the VA that I intend to finish along with some meetings to attend to with the Coast Guard (not to mention a new job opening locally).  If everything turns up aces than I will have no worries for as far as I can see.

July 25, 2004

Okay, here is the link for my fall guy video (email me if you have any problems).

This month has been going so great lately!  That's about all I am going to say at this point.  The video is OK, (at least I can say I had my 5 minutes), but everything else has gone without a hitch.  I will say that this has been one of the best months of my life and that I really could go anywhere from here.  I am going to stay with the course though and finish out my time with the Coast Guard (unless things REALLY pick up).

July 20, 2004

I am typing this after the profile on Evening Magazine.  It is hard to watch a video of yourself because you can be so critical. I enjoy reading other peoples blogs such as because she used to call herself "overly critical" and I relate so well to that.

About the fainting scene...

I have fainted on the job a couple of times in my 8 years.  I was even ambulanced to Kaiser once.  I haven't fainted in years until I did the Evening Magazine profile.  I guess it was a good piece otherwise.  I know now not to try to show off too much on the next interview (I just turned 39 after all).

I have been so stressed this month that I am surprised I haven't fainted again (I'm joking).  I just came back from my 20th HS reunion, meeting people I haven't talked to in over that time.  Many changed, many did not. I met up with my family.  I won big at an Indian Casino. And then there was the video.  Things are as crazy as they have ever been in my life (and it's practically all good too).

July 5, 2004

Watch for my Evening Magazine profile (It should air on (NEW DATE!) Tuesday July 20th (on San Francisco Ch 5 @ 7pm).)

This was filmed on Fathers Day, June 20th in San Jose

In the mean time I made to videos set to music.  One to Everybody Dance Now and the other is to Everybody Wants You.  This is just my first try at this. This gives you an idea of what I listen to when doing this.

Here is the best one yet:  The Politics of Dancing

I will be away for 2 weeks but I will still have my laptop with me.

June 10, 2004

A Time to Reflect
Today its been one year since my mother-in-law died and 6 months and a day since my father-in-law died. And of course tomorrow will be the State Funeral for Ronald Reagan.

It all seems fitting to me because Reagan was kind of a father figure.  He was the first President I voted for.  I am not a Republican (yet) but my party has all but abandoned its democratic principles since 9/11. I am sorry to say that I voted for Gore in 2000 and sober enough to say I made a mistake then and will vote for George W. Bush.  The Democratic party has been swallowed into George Soros' money pit as far as I see it.

I also had a chance to see a friend of mine's dream come true Today.  I have an old boss at the Veterans Administration who just happened to be La Toya London's step-dad for a while.  I always knew he was proud of her, but not how much. I took some photos of the Oakland homecoming here.

This is interesting on a few levels because I may have my own break on Evening Magazine on KPIX 5 in San Francisco in 2 weeks (no I am not applying for Survivor (I think)).  When/if this finally does happen, I will update my SpinMaster website.

Once the SpinMaster profile has been filmed, I plan on returning to Iowa for 2 weeks to visit with my Dad and my family.  I will be celebrating my birthday and my class reunion as well.

April 24, 2004

We have just finished our back yard this week. I have lived here for 8 years and am just now able to go into the back yard and enjoy it.  Next comes the barbeque pit (hehe).  I highly recommend Demetrio Rubino of Pride Landscaping (925-584-8813) here in Oakley.

Again I had another uncle die yesterday.  Uncle Merle was 67 I believe.  He is being cremated and services will be at a later date.

I go into the mix next week.  I have several contracts set up for May with my SpinMaster business.  I am going to Georgia with the Coast Guard next month, and a niece of my wife's is getting married.  Not to mention if I get one of the jobs I applied for on the East Coast.

Hope everyone reading this is doing well.

March 9, 2004

A lot of things are in the mix again.  It has now been over 20 years since I joined the Navy.  Believe me, I think about it a lot now that I am working for the Coast Guard.  I joined the Navy mid-term from High School thinking that I wanted to become a man.  I had trained with a high school friend named Robert Sewick before I joined the Navy.  I heard that he died recently.  I will miss him and my other friend Terry Lorenz

Speaking of High School, They are holding a 20 year reunion in July.  I do plan on attending this time.  I had all kinds of excuses in not attending over the years, but with everything that has happened to me since 2001, I am now starting to really believe in the power of family.

I will also be visiting my relatives in New Jersey too (making 2 trips to the East Coast this year).

I have not returned to spinning yet this year.  I do want to and may call up Mancini's again before the end of this month.  At this point I am in it for the fame and the enjoyment.

January 10, 2004

Hope your New Year went OK.  We just did the memorial service to my Father-In-law (here is the link to his obituary). He was a very proud military man.  I think I am ready to get back into the swing of things again, now.  I will miss both of them and am glad my own Dad is still alive.  I do plan a few detours (20 yr HS reunion, etc.), but this should still be the best year for Claudia and I.

December 15, 2003

Another upheaval happened last week.  Claudia's dad died of a heart attack in Las Vegas last Tuesday, December 9th.  This was totally unexpected.  We are still grieving his loss.

November 23, 2003

Things are humming smooth right now.  My wife and I just celebrated our 14th anniversary in Las Vegas.  We just happened to be there when Michael Jackson was indicted on child-molestation.  We saw at least 100 camera's at the LV airport focusing on his plane.

We have stopped working for Marketshare again for the Winter. Right now we are working on our own contracts for the rest of the year.  Both of us have settled into our main jobs for the time being (I am so relieved that Arnold won the Governors race).

October 13, 2003

Enough about politics for now.  If you want to know my opinion go to and search for SpinMaster. I usually post daily.

Claudia and I had a terrific weekend working for Hanover Place in Santa Rosa this weekend.  This was her first time back in over a month.  The clients said we "did an absolutely fantastic job at driving traffic up to Hanover. We received so many comments about the fantastic job they were doing."

Here are photos of us in action.

October 6, 2003

Well, it looks like life will be OK in California now.  I am very thankful that Arnold Schwarzenegger won.

Here are two other voice mails I received against the recall: Martin Sheen & Al Gore.

This one was one of the worst: phoney women voters

PLEASE feel free to copy them!  I want these idiots exposed.

October 5, 2003

Just when I thought I was safe, I heard this message on my phone (877-321 VOTE) The dems are now trying to steal the Election!

CALL 877-321-8683 and tell them the ACLU is stealing your vote!

October 4, 2003

Barbara Streisand (download here) is shilling for Gov Davis.  I just got a phone call to vote no on the recall. In the message Barbara asks "What is the point of a Democratic election?"  The point is that the people are sick and tired of him ripping off the state and playing favors to leftwing causes that contribute money.

My wife and I are both voting Davis out!

October 3, 2003

Finally, I am ready to start some real editing on my site. I broke down and bought MS Office 2000 Premium from the web. It includes Front Page and all of the Office Suite.

My weekend job is just about ready to take off vertically. I still have interest from the TV station and am doing a grand opening up in Santa Rosa (with my wife) on 10/11 & 12. The local paper will be there. I'll just wait and see what happens.

Since August 19 I went back to my Cousin Amy's wedding. It turned out great. What was sad is that my uncle Gerald passed away. He was buried not far from my mom.

I have got many other things in the fire. All I can say is GO ARNIE GO! We really need a new Governor here in Kalifornia! I don't see anything happening here with Davis or Bustamante.

August 19, 2003

Okay, so what's been happening for the last two months?

Well, we had a few minor setbacks. Both had to do with customer service and quality products. Let me just say that I had to deal with the Federal Thrift Savings Plan and found them worse than the VA. They had this "upgrade" on their website that totally screwed up any applications that were submitted before the date of their upgrade. I had to actually write a congressional to get what I needed. I will add that they cashed a check of mine and held it for more than a month.

At the same time, the Honda we bought 2 years ago blew a transmission AGAIN!. To top it off, the local dealership was on strike and we had to get the car repaired 20 miles away. Though it was under warranty, I will never buy another Honda again!

And on top of that, I had a horrible time getting DSL. I bought an e-machines computer that was a piece of crap, which I had to return. On top of that, the first DSL box that I got from SBC was configured wrong. My summer was a total frustration to say the least. I now have a Compaq Presario that runs pretty good. I still have to buy Front Page. I am using Notepad for this update (which is why I haven't written in so long)...

At least everything is going okay right now. All our jobs are going strong. Where I work, the "Other" Matt Collins has left the Coast Guard, leaving me with a lot more duties (and stress). On my weekend Gig, I have been contacted by local television stations on a possible skit/interview. It may happen in September. I get more comments every weekend. Just last weekend I was @ a Townhome community in South San Francisco ($800,000 a piece) and got rave reviews. I may have a huge gig lined up in October locally (this has to flesh out first).

I am going back to Iowa next month for a few days (Collins' wedding). There are a few other family get togethers as well in the last half of '03.

June 22, 2003

Tomorrow I go back to work. I have been off for about 10 days now (spun my sign this weekend though).

My mother-in-law died last Tuesday. Here is the newspaper article. You hear jokes about mother-in-laws being so evil. That was not the case with Norma. Norma was one of the most kindest and honest people you would meet. And patriotic too. You would have to be patriotic if you were a military spouse.

I would like to thank the lady at who shipped me the Military Spouse Medal. It really described Norma to a "T". One thing that I have told others often is that not only did she marry into the Army (in Nevada by a one armed Preacher), but the four oldest daughters (5 daughters in all, no sons) married 4 different branches (all in Nevada). And not only am I the Navy vet, but I also work for the Coast Guard (while not on active duty).

It hits you when somebody close dies like this. Norma was a heavy smoker and smoked even in the last month of her life. The picture above is my last (and best) one of her. I still haven't gotten completely over my own mom's death in 2001.

May 22, 2003

Okay, its been awhile since I last said anything. Now that the (Iraqi portion of) the war is over I guess we can relax some, although we just went back to Orange yesterday. I am in a job where I hear all kinds of things. I also check the web everyday for news (though I do read the paper in the morning).

I have been on a crusade to get back in shape lately. I have held steady at 240, but now I am starting to lose weight. I bicycle to work now. It is a 3 mile ride. This was my first week to do this all week. I had a bad cold last month along with some unusually cold and rainy weather.

Its so funny now that more people recognize me from the papers. I have gotten a few offers, but nothing serious for me to change yet. I may do something in the fall after I come back from my cousin's wedding.

March 7, 2003

This year has gone pretty good so far. I have tackled more issues in my life in the last 12 months than I have tackled in a lot longer. I went back one more time to Waterloo, Iowa to see my Dad, brother @ sister again. They are doing well. My Coast Guard Webmaster job is going OK. I should mention though that there is a push to contract out the position (which means I may be laid off) in the next year or two. I will have to see what happens.

Basically my wife and I are just two happy-go-lucky adults trudging through our careers right now. We slowed on the Sign Spinning jobs for a while, but since we came back, the Contra Costa Times wants to re-interview me.

I would really love to Counter Protest the ANTI AMERICAN LEFTISTS in San Francisco sometime (Again, NOBODY can do it like I CAN!!), but because of issues with my employment in the Coast Guard, I am not going to (right now).

September 1, 2002

This year has definitely been a through a wringer for many people. I certainly found a lot of changes in the last year. I am very grateful to find a job that matters in the Coast Guard.

My Mom died of cancer October 27, 2001. I had just told her that things were looking up. I hadn't been home in 4 years. Just as my Mom died, my wife lost her job at Bechtel Corporation. She was there one week shy of 20 years.

Had I not gotten my job at the Coast Guard I would have left the VA and headed to Phoenix with my wife so she would not have lost any benefits (they would not pay for relocation).

The VA, to add insult to my injury, had lost my claims file earlier last year. I found out earlier in 2002. Had they not lost my file, I probably would have gotten a GS-9 administrative job with the VA Cemetery System.

Not only did I lose my Mom in the last 18 months, but I lost an Aunt, Claudia lost a cousin, an Aunt and another Aunt. I lost a dear friend of mine at the VA by the name of Michael Hoffman too.

I sincerely believe that this will be a better year. My wife and I have really persevered and I think things have definitely turned around.

June 26, 2002

I am OUTRAGED by the 9th Circuit of the Federal Court's ruling against an American Tradition. I work in a Coast Guard unit that plays "Colors" every morning at 0800. I have been very proud of that. I had to learn the Pledge of Allegiance in school as a kid. I see no harm it at all, in fact I sincerely believe that if you don't teach kids the Allegiance, they could turn very apathetic. I served more than 4 years in the Navy to protect the American Way of life. Now it is being destroyed by the Courts and especially the ACLU.

As a side note I find it funny how I agree with Michael Savage of KSFO radio more and more. I started out disagreeing with everything.

June 23, 2002

Hey, things are running really well for me nowadays. I am mostly over my mother's death I think. I visited my mom's family on the East Coast last month. It is hard to describe the visit  (I am not sure when):

I am a pretty much a career federal employee, who just recently got a promotion as a Website Manager/ Database Developer in the US Coast Guard in Alameda in September of 2001 (remember 9/11?). I am a Navy Veteran, having worked with the Department of Veterans Affairs for over 13 years.

I had mixed feelings about leaving the VA. The claims processing for veterans needs to be improved. I had tried to help, but nobody had seriously listened to me. When I originally applied for benefits in 1988, the office I worked for denied my addressee unknown. I have a friend right now who has a claim for increase pending over 2 years.