Welcome one of the top Google searchs for Matthew Collins. I am a career Govt Employee who has long been known to take odd jobs on the side.

I was known for a while as The SpinMaster. The work I did was called Human Directional or Sign Spinning. I was the best at what I did. Nobody could spin a sign to get more traffic than I could. I was featured on Television, Radio and Newpapers and have been a viral video on YouTube.  I have recently been working some business here in Kansas City, but may be moving to North Carolina soon.

I spend a lot of my online time @ lucianne.com using my SpinMaster alias.

The SpinMaster at work

I've owned this site for over a decade now. I have been employed as web developer or manager since 2001. This site was started by me back in the mid 90's. I have been playing with computer programming for decades.

Back in High School in the 1980's I spent all my study hall hours in the computer lab. I aced the course, but flunked English. I had to take English with my brother the next year. My career has been a long circulatory route to where I am right now.

You'll be seeing this sight updated at various times depending upon when I get any bright ideas.

Matthew Collins Originals
Here are a few interesting downloads that I have created.

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January 30, 2010
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